Thursday, 24 July 2014

Tomorrow Barb and Frank open their new Fruit Stand!  Are they excited?  Certainly.  Are they ready?  Probably not completely.  But the opening is like Christmas - it comes whether they are ready or not and they'll still have fun!

Besides, a lot of the details need to be worked out as staff and customers let Barb and Frank know what works best.  And they will make mistakes and learn through experience. 

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Pruning this week

Today Frank and Barb finished pruning the apricot block.  It was fun - each worked one side of each row and Frank finished the tops.  He definitely has a longer reach than Barb does.  Also, the angle of the cut is often awkward higher up and Barb finds she doesn't have the strength.  For all that, though, her shoulders are sore tonight!

Here is a before photo:

 And now the after photo:

Monday, 20 January 2014

Seeds have arrived!

The first boxes of seeds for 2014 gardens have arrived at our door.  Yahoo!

Welcome to Wloka Farms Fruit Stand

Getting ready for the new Fruit Stand was a process.  Barb and Frank purchased 3524 Highway #3 (the land at the corner of 36th Ave N and Highway #3) in spring 2012.  The land was undeveloped:

Orchard on the west side of the driveway was planted the same year.  The planting included 16 varieties of plums, 4 varieties of peaches and 11 varieties of apples:

In spring of 2013 3 kinds of raspberries, 9 more apple varieties and 2 types of pears were planted on the east side of the driveway:

The soil on this land is fantastic and the planting done in 2012 definitely responded well as can be seen in July, 2013: